11 Must-have breastfeeding products for New Moms.

Breastfeeding products
Our selection on 11 must-have breastfeeding products for new moms have everything you need to start your new mom experience.

First time breastfeeding? Don’t worry there are many products that can be life-saving and help you to go through this process easily. Check our selection of the 11 Must-have breastfeeding products for new moms.

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11 Must-have breastfeeding products for new moms
Breatfeeding pillow


This plush pillow is the perfect complement to sit and relax while feeding the baby
as it allows you to maintain a comfortable and upright posture and rest your arm
while cradling your baby closely. The sling allows you to limit the pressure on the
mother hands and have a more comfortable and interactive moment to feed the
baby without suffering later. It is designed for easy travel use and for them it
comes with a travel bag
The compact design of this pillow provides customizable support for both mom and
Also, after your baby has passed breastfeeding, this pillow becomes a sling bag
that both mom and dad can use for life.

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Breastfeeding cream


Every mom who is breastfeeding needs help to help soothe sore nipples due to
breastfeeding, this cream helps create a thick protective barrier to avoid more pain.
It is so natural that it does not have any taste or smell so you can use it during
breastfeeding and you do not have to worry about removing it beforehand.
It is 100% natural and hypoallergenic and also has a kosher certificate. It is not
necessary to remove it before breastfeeding. Exceeds the US Pharmacopoeia
standards. UU. (USP) and the European Pharmacopoeia (EP).

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I always say that breastfeeding has nothing wrong, however there are situations in
which we need coverage that gives us some privacy and calm for our baby. This
blanket has a comfortable adjustable strap that will allow you to control its position.
It is large enough to cover shopping carts, strollers or car seats, allowing you to
protect your newborn from sun, rain, germs and other unwanted external elements.
It is reversible and comes with a beautiful travel bag that also becomes a great
belching cloth.
It is breathable, lightweight, easy to use, both of you will love feeling fresh and
comfortable, making it an ideal gift for any occasion

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Having these breast pads that fit your breasts well with a relaxing heat will help you
get unclogged in the first extraction session and are small and unobtrusive enough
to place them in the bra and walk.
These pads make life a little easier while doing the beautiful job of breastfeeding as
they provide therapeutic relief for the most common breastfeeding problems. It can
be used cold to relieve congestion, and it can be used hot to relieve mastitis and
clogged ducts, they also work with a breast pump, and allow to encourage lowering
and reduce the time spent pumping.
These pads are not toxic, do not have BPA and are suitable for microwaves and
freezers. They come with fabric sleeves to prevent burning from heat or ice.
Lactation consultants recommend them for the time before pumping to help the
milk flow more easily and relieve congestion.

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This nipple protector is the ideal complement to the process of breastfeeding in
situations with problems of grip, for mothers with hyperactive drops or for flat,
inverted and sore nipples. , thus helping to continue breastfeeding. They are
naturally textured and allow continuous breastfeeding without interruption until
these problems are resolved. Its special design allows the closest contact with the
baby and is available in different sizes
Women report when using them, their nipples do not hurt as when they do not use
them and avoid confusion of the nipple to the bottle using them in the breast.

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CoBoo makes a big difference in the comfort level of the pump. Stops rubbing and
pulling and makes pumping feel much more natural, will change everythingto its
extraction experience, it also protects and moisturizes the skin and sensitive
nipples, it is hypo-allergenic, vegan and safe for the baby

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It is a milk pumping tool that helps improve milk flow and relieve pain caused by
congestion, blocked ducts and other symptoms of breastfeeding. Its unique shape
and multiple modes of vibration help restore milk flow by relieving clogged ducts
and congestion, promoting faster milk drop, is water resistant and also
When using it a few minutes before breastfeeding you will see that the lowering
pain will be less, in a few days, this lactation massager will make your life and your
experience of breastfeeding much more pleasant. Your only problem with this
device is that you didn’t find out before.
The reason is that by providing gentle pressure and vibration to the affected breast,
the breastfeeding massager helps to express breast milk and restore flow. The milk
extraction tool will help facilitate the emptying of the breasts, while helping to
reduce supply problems, lack of supply and excess supply.

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Complete that perfect scenario to sleep the baby with this adorable rocking chair,
which others has a very modern design with white finish with gray cushions. For
some it will seem just a chair but generating an atmosphere of calm during breastfeeding  is incredibly important for milk production and this chair achieves it perfectly.

It has padded arms and storage pockets, its cushions are removable which
facilites cleaning. Anyway, it is recommended and its price is much better compared to similar chairs

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This breastfeeding bra is very comfortable for both pregnant women and those who
breastfeed. It is elastic enough to be comfortable in everyday life.
The material of this bra is super soft and if you are breastfeeding you will find that it
slides and puts on easily. These two reasons will keep you buying them.
This is a product that you must have because there is not a piece with which a
mother who is breastfeeding more coexists that her bra and her perfect fit makes it
ideal for use during the night, when frequent feeds are final and the elastic elastic
band below Bust ensures you spend the day in total comfort.
Its modern low-cut v-neck design and cross design make it easy to breastfeed a
hungry baby who wants to be fed immediately.

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This pump has many benefits and one of them is that it is very quiet, it is quite
portable and light, it can be used with the battery or plugged in and its power is 12
levels so its strength is quite high. It has a timer which is a great feature since it
turns off the pump after 30 minutes. It also has a massage function that we can say
is quite ingenious as it accelerates the pump and is designed to stimulate the
extraction and also makes the pumping quite comfortable. Since it has the function
of massage and normal the pump remembers what were its last adjustments and
returns to them automatically.
When talking about the Specra S1 it is important to note that your double / single
breast pump brings a 12 volt AC power adapter, detachable power cord tips, two
Spectra wide neck bottles, two Spectra backflow protectors, two valves Spectra
duckbill, two Spectra tubes and four flanges (2-24 mm and 2-28 mm).
Its closed system makes it unnecessary to clean the tube because it keeps it dry
by preventing the flow of air between the extracted milk and the pump tube while
pumping, therefore its level of protection of breast milk and the baby's Bacteria,
mold and virus is quite high.

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breatfeeding pillow


Without any doubt a nursing pillow is great especially on first months when feedings can takes longer. It is very confortable for mom and babies. This pillow is ergonomic, hypoallergenic- whashable breathable 100%cotton cover. 


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11 Must-have breastfeeding products for new moms


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