5 Tips to survive COVID-19 quarantine with kids

How to survive COVID-19 quarantine with kids? Learn from these 5 tips on how to keep your children entertained and your mental healthiness safe.

For sure survive COVID-19 quarantine with kids may looks like an impossible mission. I will show you how you can convert this in unforgetable family moments ( in a positive way lol ).

Kids today are since toddler age overwhelmed with tons of activities daily. They usually start daycares at an early age when they are still babies. When something happens to change their whole routine and be locked at home for many days and maybe months, there are many things to take into consideration to keep their physical and mental health.
With many of us working from home it can be challenging to dedicate all the time our children may need to spend all their energy and curiosity every day.
Learn from these 5 tips on how to keep your children entertained and your mental healthiness safe.

coronavirus with kids

1- Create a Schedule

I know it may seem too old-school, but have a schedule will make kids few they have time for everything as when they were at school. A schedule can also improve your time at works as you keep it all organized you won’t few guilty anymore for don’t have time for kids or family.

2- Try to limit their screentime

In accordance with….. when kids spend a lot of time at the screen they are overstimulated and sometimes hyper than they normally are. You can fell attempted to turn on the tv or give them the tablet because you are working and they screaming, but in the long term, it will bring more damage than relief.

3- Outside time

Who doesn’t love to feel the breeze of the air on the face for some time every day? Be locked at home probably will get the kids bored fast. Why don’t do any outside activities if you have a backyard or a terrace? Add to your schedule at least 30 minutes daily to spend outside, you can play some game or just a storytime while breathing fresh air. I am sure they will be relaxed when its time to get inside again.

4- It’s time to let your creative side gain wings.

Wake up the kid inside you and just imagine, if you where a kid today what would make you happy?
Be creative! Maybe its time to dance, play basketball, cook with kids or a hose bath (Lol). Have you thought about How many times you complained that you did not have time for your family? How are you spending your time now?

5- Be positive!

There a quote that I love it says “ Everything ends” it can be an amazing moment or a challenging time of our life “Everything ends”! Take a deep breath and think about what would be a perfect day for you now? Write down at least 5 things you can do inside the home with the most important people in your life.

6- Build Memories

Take Pictures and build a Journal! Create beautiful memories for the future and in a few months or many years you will find yourself so proud of how you kept your family safe and happy.
Kids probably will remember more happy memories than anything else.

The most important lesson in this whole situation is to learn how to keep thinking positively in incertain times. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids to go thought challenge moments in their life and they will keep this lesson forever.

Everything ends Parents! BE SAFE!


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